To become a member of Little Falls Village, take these steps:

  1. Read the Terms of Membership Agreement.
  2. Complete the Member Contact Information form and select the membership level.
  3. Pay the membership fee, using the Pay Now button at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to complete a paper application, click here to print and mail the Membership Agreement and payment to Little Falls Village, PO Box 439, Glen Echo, MD 20812. Executive Director Todd Smith will sign and return a copy of the Membership Agreement to you. Please contact Todd with any questions at 301-320-3267.

Membership Application (print version)

Step #1 – Read  the Terms of  Membership Agreement.

The Village

Little Falls Village is an “aging-in-place” organization that provides non-medical volunteer assistance to seniors living in all the neighborhoods that comprise area code 20816.  Village boundaries run from River Road to Clara Barton Parkway and from Western Avenue to Goldsboro.  Some 20816 residents live beyond Goldsboro and are included in the Village.  Little Falls Village became a tax-exempt non-stock Maryland corporation effective December 19, 2012, and was recognized by the IRS as a 501 c (3) public charity effective March 6, 2013. The Village’s EIN is 46-1739269.


The Village will provide services to members through neighborhood volunteers, all of whom submit to a background and motor vehicle check. Most volunteers will be members of the Village, but some may reside in neighboring areas. The most common services that the neighborhood volunteers of Little Falls Village will provide are transportation, light handyman work, elementary bookkeeping, daily telephone calls, help with electronic devices, and social activities.  The Village will not provide medical or home health services or major home repairs and inspections.  To help members meet these needs, the Village will maintain and provide its members (upon request) with a list of local providers that may be available to provide such services.

Membership Fees

Little Falls Village offers three levels of membership to ensure that all seniors, living in our 20816 zip code service area, are able to receive volunteer services and participate in Village activities.

Full Members:  Full Members may request volunteer support and participate fully in Village activities and events.  They may also get involved by serving on Village committees.  At present, there are no limits on the number of requests a full member can make for services like transportation, handyman assistance, companionship, running errands or any other of the many services offered by Little Falls Village.  The only limit on services is a volunteer’s ability to provide it.  When that happens, Little Falls Village will help find a professional who can get the job done.

The cost of full membership is $350 per individual and $700 for households of two or more individuals per year.

Associate Members:  While not eligible for request services, associate may participate in all Village social activities and events.  While drawn by interest in the Village’s social aspects, many of these members join because they want to support the Village and its mission until the time comes when they will need to make requests for help.

The annual fee for an Associate member is $250 for each individual.  $200 of that annual fee is fully tax deductible because these members are not eligible to request services.

Village-Plus Membership: Village-Plus memberships were created to ensure that all seniors, living within the Village’s boundaries, are eligible to request services and participate in activities and events at a reduced cost.  Annual fees are $100 for individuals whose income is $40,000 or less; $200 for households of two or more with a combined annual income of $50,000 or less.

Because of a generous grant from National Lutheran Communities & Services, Little Falls Village is able to offer “no-cost” memberships to seniors who may find the Village-Plus membership fee still too expensive.  We encourage individuals to ask us about this “no-cost” membership opportunity so they request Village services and participate in Village events.


Membership may be terminated in two ways: 1) By the member: Members may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving written notice to the Village, with the understanding that no portion of the annual fee will be returned. 2) By the Village: the Village reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with a member whenever the Village board of directors determines that it is in the best interest of the Village.  If the Village terminates a member’s agreement, it will return a portion of the annual fee on a prorated basis calculated from the month of termination.


The Village will take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of its members.  However, where concerns regarding a member’s health or safety arise, the Village reserves the right to contact those listed below under member’s contact information or any others the Village deems appropriate.   In addition, at the request of a member, the Village may disclose contact information to connect a member with a third-party vendor.


Little Falls Village full members and associate members understand that the Village is not affiliated with or otherwise responsible for the acts or omissions of any third party vendors, including but not limited to those on its list of local providers. Members shall release and hold the Village and its staff and volunteers harmless from any and all responsibility or liability arising from the acts or omissions of any third party vendors and from the inclusion of any such vendor on the list maintained by the Village.  The Village maintains such a list for its members for informational purposes only as a matter of convenience and the inclusion of any third party vendor on the list does not constitute any form of warranty, endorsement or guarantee by the Village as to the competency, qualification, quality, safety, licensure or other status or performance of any such vendor.

Members further indemnify the Village and its staff and volunteers and agree to hold it and them harmless for any loss, damage, expense, or liability of any kind arising out of the acts or omissions of its staff or volunteers, including but not limited to any action or claim a member or a member’s heirs, assigns, or insurance company might bring for negligence, personal injury or invasion of privacy.

Health Care

The Village does not provide emergency or other health care services, is not a health care administrator, and does not employ licensed health professionals or social workers.

After we receive your check, you will receive a letter from Little Falls Village indicated that you are a Founding or Associate Member in good standing for a 12-month period.

Step #2 -Complete the Member Contact Information form and select the membership level.

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Step #3 – Pay the Membership Fee.

Please choose one from the drop-down menu and press the “Pay Now” button.

This will take you to the credit card portal where you will login to your existing account or register as a new user and pay for the membership.

If you prefer to submit a paper version of the Membership Agreement, click here to print a PDF file; complete and mail it with your payment to Little Falls Village, PO Box 439, Glen Echo, MD 20812. Executive Director Todd Smith will sign and return a copy of the Membership Agreement to you. Please contact Todd at 301-320-3267 with any questions.

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