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Little Falls Village

Neighbors Helping Neighbors


LFV Supporters - Check out their quality services & mention that you are a Member of Little Falls Village!


Evers & Co.
June Gardner
Coldwell Banker
"Little Falls Realty",
Martin Conroy


Glen Echo Heights

Sumner Fitness

MV Design 

Corewood Care

Case Design 

Fox Hill, Bethesda MD 20817

Little Falls Villages welcomes support from local businesses.  For an annual donation of $250 or more, local businesses will be recognized on the LFV website, our weekly newsletter and in other publications with links to their websites and/or emails.

Little Falls Village also provides special recognition to businesses offering in-kind support or event sponsorships. This recognition will include, event signage, published acknowledgement in our on-line publications, on event invitations and in other materials sent to event participants.

To sign up, please complete this application. Direct your questions to LFV’s executive director, Lisa Rosenthal at 301-320-3267 or at

If you prefer, you can print the application form HERE.

We Want To Thank Our Supporters


"Little Falls Realty"
Martin Conroy

June Gardner

Pulse Fitness


Janu Joyful


Fox Hill, Bethesda MD 20817


Grand Oaks



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