Live independently in your home through your senior years.

Continue to live independently in your home. If you need a neighborly hand; a ride to the doctor, the library, the supermarket, or assistance with household tasks, repairs, bookkeeping, gardening or a friend to visit with, the Little Falls Village network of your neighborhood volunteers is that extended hand.

In addition, Little Falls Village hosts social and educational events such as the Aging Issues Discussion Group, happy hours, lunches and dinners, museum and theater outings, and more that offer you continued engagement in your neighborhood activities.
Explore this website and contact us today at 301-320-3267 to learn more about independent living and how you can take advantage of these opportunities.

Become a Member of the LFV Board of Directors!

Little Falls Village is looking for new Board members who can help the Village grow. If you’d like to bring your skills and talents to our board, click HERE for an application form. If you click HERE, you will be able to review our Village By-laws.

Please contact the village office if you have any questions.

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