Become a Little Falls Village volunteer

The success of Little Falls Village depends heavily on volunteers to lend a helping hand with an emphasis on volunteers from each of the eighteen neighborhoods that make up our village Brookmont, Crestview, Fort Sumner, Glen Cove, Glen Echo Heights, Glen Mar Park, Green Acres, High Point, the Kenwood Building, Mohican Hills, Springfield, Sumner, Sumner Village, Tulip Hill, Westgate, Westmoreland Hills, Westwood and Wood Acres.

For a resident who needs basic services like transportation, a little help around the house or garden, companionship, or other basic tasks, there’s great comfort for residents when they know help is coming from a true neighbor – somebody in their neighborhood.

For volunteers, there’s a feeling of commitment to a neighbor’s well-being, satisfaction in being the provider of that help, and a sense of pride in making a valued contribution to the community in which they live.

Please know that becoming a volunteer is not and should not be a major commitment on your part. You can choose how and when you want to volunteer. On average, volunteer assignments about 90 minutes. You will not be asked to fulfill requests you cannot or do not want to take on. In other words, it’s OK to say “no” when an assignment isn’t right for you.


To become a volunteer, take these steps:

  1. Complete the online Volunteer Application form below.
  2. Print the Background Check Authorization Form, fill it and bring it with you to your training session.
  3. Attend the brief training session that will be scheduled at various times to make it easy for you to attend.

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